How to Send a Package International by using USPS

USPS International Package Service

Here in this article about how to send packages from the U.S. to other countries. 

You have to do basic things like the full name of the person or company you're sending the item to and their full international address. A comprehensive list of things you're sending and their value means for the customs form. For example, if you're sending any women's clothes then put "women's cotton T-shirts," not "clothing." Now First, Bring your package to the Nearest Post Office location to pay postage and also do customs forms. Now create and print your own customs form to bring to the Post Office with your package. Then use the Click-N-Ship service to do everything from your home or office: Pay for postage, print shipping labels and customs forms, and even schedule a pickup.

Step 1: How much, where, and what can you send?

Find the First country you’re sending the package to in the International Mail Manual’s Individual Country Listings for. And you also find not allowed to send to that country you may that finding general International Shipping Restrictions and Prohibitions of that country. And may check with weight and size limits also.

Step 2: Select any International Shipping Service

United States Postal Service offers 6 different services for sending international packages. Some services are only available to certain countries, or for certain types or amounts of contents: Check the Individual Country Listings for info on specific countries. Below are the Six different shipping services provided by USPS and can track by using USPS Tracking.
1) Global Express Guaranteed
2) Priority Mail Express
3) Priority Mail
4) First-Class Package
5) First-Class Mail
6) Airmail M-Bags

Step 3:  Pick and Pack Your Box

Prepare your box before packing it to safeguard its contents and ensure that it arrives intact. Make use of a sturdy box with sufficient space to accommodate fragile items and prevent them from shifting. If you're going to reuse a box, make sure that all of the old labels, addresses, and markings are completely covered or blacked out.

Step 4: Write the Address

Please make sure the address and the postage can fit on the same side of the package and write it parallel to the longest side. Each nation has its own unique format for international addresses. The delivery address must be written in English that means if you must use another language, the English translation must be added after each line.

Step 5: Calculate & Apply Postage

Use the International Postage Calculator to determine the cost of your postage if you intend to use stamps or pay for your postage at a Post Office location.

Step 6: Create Your Customs Labels and Forms

When sending packages to other nations, you must complete a customs form. All customs forms must be generated electronically:

1) A customs form will be printed for you if you print your own postage using the Click-N-Ship service.
2) tilizing our Customs Form Online tool, you can print your own customs form at home and save time if you will be paying for your postage at the Post Office.
3) If not, you can bring your package to the Post Office, fill out Form PS 2976-R, and give it to a USPS retail associate so that they can create and print your customs form.

Step 7: How to Send an International Package 

Once your package has the correct address, postage, and customs form, the method you use to send it will depend on how much it weighs and how big it is; whether you paid for postage online or with stamps; and whether it has a customs form created by computer.

You can always hand over your package to a Post Office clerk.

You may, subject to certain conditions, schedule a free package pickup or drop off your package in a blue collection box.