LiteBlue eOPF and What You Need to Get Started eOPF

What is eOPF? 

eOPF is the application that electronically gives USPS workers admittance to data contained in their Official Personnel Folder utilizing a non-postal PC. You can: 

1) View and sort substance inside your eOPF. 

2) Produce a validated eOPF printout watermarked to set up a duplicate as an official archive. 

3) Print your whole OPF, a chose date reach or individual record. 

Who Can Use eOPF? 

USPS representatives can get to their faculty envelope by signing into the eOPF application through the USPS LiteBlue site utilizing a non-postal PC furnished with Adobe 7.0 or higher. 

What You Need to Get Started 

You will require a PC to get to your eOPF through LiteBlue. eOPF isn't open through the USPS Blue organization which implies you should utilize a non-postal PC outside of the USPS organization. On the off chance that you can't open your eOPF document from LiteBlue or you get a message demonstrating your eOPF was not discovered, contact your District HR Local Services for help. 

Ensure you have all your documentation all together so you can audit your government and military assistance and check in the event that it is right and all structures are refreshed. Significant structures to audit: 

1) DD Form 214 

2) PS Form 50 

3) SF Form 50 

4) RTR Employee Detail Report 

You will require your 8-digit Employee Identification Number (EIN) and USPS Personal Identification Number (PIN) to sign into eOPF.

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