LiteBlue Login - LiteBlue.USPS.Gov Login Official Page

LiteBlue Login: From January 15, 2023, you will be required to change your password and set up multifactor authentication to access your LiteBlue account. So first go to and log in using your Employee Identification Number (EIN) and USPS Password.

How to log in to LiteBlue after MFA is set up

1) On your computer or mobile, open a web browser and navigate to LiteBlue.USPS.Gov, and select sign in or Visit here.

2) Enter Employee Identification Number (EIN) and select next.

3) Now enter the password and select verify.

LIteBlue USPS Gov  Login

4) For demonstration purposes, the phone SMS security method is illustrated in the following steps. Click on Receive a code via SMS. You will then receive a code for your mobile phone. Click on Verify with something else and follow the prompts. If you verify with another security method, follow the prompts on your phone and on the screen to log into LiteBlue.

5) Enter the code received via SMS.

6) You have successfully logged into LiteBlue.

How to create Liteblue Login New Password:

Using Two Options anyone can change Passwords. They are shown below:

OPTION ONE: First, go to the Liteblue USPS Gov website and click on the “Password recovery” option, or else click here. Where first you have to enter your Employee ID and then click on the Verify Employee ID. Then follow the prompts on the returned screen to create your new password.  If you provide an email address, a verification link will be sent to that email address.  You must click on that verification link, within 72 hours, to complete the setup of your new password this is the first way to change the password.

OPTION TWO: From  April 2014, letters were mailed to each employee’s address of record with a temporary password to use on the SSP.USPS.Gov. You must change the temporary password provided in the letter to a permanent password.

How to reset your SSP Password if you forget your Security Question Answers

1) First click on the forgot answers.

2) Now enter your Employee ID, Birth Date, Last 4 digits of SSN, and Personal Identification Number (PIN) and select delivery method (Choose Email or First-Class Mail). This is how you will receive your password reset link.

ssp password change

3) Enter the code from the image below. Select request reset.

4) After that you will then receive an email or first-class mail with a password reset link. Now click on the link in the email or enter the web address from the first-class mail into your browser.

5) Enter New Password, Confirm Password, and select Update Password.

6) Logout (top right) from SelfService Profile. But check one before logging out of SSP if you would like to update your email, PIN, or security questions. Finally, the Password reset is complete.

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