USPS Informed Delivery: The United States Postal Service's Informed Delivery is a free service that shows you preview images of incoming mail and status updates about your incoming and outgoing packages. These notifications are available to you in the morning Daily Digest email as well as at any time through the dashboard on your phone, computer, or through the USPS Mobile app.

Informed Delivery also has additional features that make it easier and more convenient to track and receive your packages. High-speed sorting machines take a picture of the front (the side with the address) of mailpieces as they travel through the USPS Network. Grayscale images of those mailpieces that will soon arrive at your address are displayed by Informed Delivery. Some things, like magazines and catalogs, will also have color images.) You will also be able to see the status of both incoming and outgoing packages with Informed Delivery.

USPS Informed Delivery Login process or Sign in 

1) The United States Postal Service is serious about protecting your personal information. For added security, please consider changing your password periodically. To login into informed delivery username and password is required. 

2) Go to and click on sign in. Next, enter your Username and Password and click on sign in.

informed delivery login usps

3) If you forgot your Username click on forgot my Username. And do follow require things to gain a Username. Enter the email address associated with your username.

4) If you forgot your password click on forgot my password. Enter your username and a temporary password is sent to mail change password temporary password and create a new password.

Informed Delivery Sign UP Process

1) If you already have an account with

2) Select Informed Delivery from the Informed Delivery section in your account preferences.

3) If you do not have an account with USPS.Com. Click the sign-up link on the Informed Delivery page.

4) Check to see if your address qualifies for Informed Delivery by entering it here.

5) Provide information about your account.

6) Verify who you are.

7) Receive notifications about Informed Delivery.

USPS Informed Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is eligible for Informed Delivery?

You may be eligible for Informed Delivery if you have a residential address or PO BoxTM in a ZIP CodeTM that is eligible (most ZIP CodesTM are). Note: A "uniquely coded" mailbox is required, and some condominiums or apartment buildings may not have unique coded addresses. Additionally, commercial addresses are not yet eligible. Determine whether your address qualifies for Informed Delivery. Please return later if your address is not yet eligible.

2) How much does Informed Delivery cost?

Informed Delivery is free to customers so no amount is charged.

3) What if I can't verify my identity online?

USPS must verify your identity before you can sign up for Informed Delivery to protect your privacy and security. You can visit a USPS location that provides Identity Verification Services if you are unable to verify your identity online.

4) How soon after I register will I start getting images of my mail and package notifications?

Although the activation time may vary, you should begin receiving notifications within three business days.

5) I signed up, but I'm not getting mail images or package notifications?

Mail preview notifications will only be sent on days when you receive mail. They will also not be delivered on Sundays or federal holidays.) Additionally, check the Email Opt-In settings to ensure that the appropriate email address is being used for your email notifications. Please check your spam filter settings and ensure that the Informed Delivery email address is added to your email contacts if you continue to not receive any emails:

6) What if I'm moving and need to change my address?

Save time: Set up your permanent mail forwarding and update your Informed Delivery at the USPS Change of Address site.