Has your booked leave demand ever been lost? 

Representatives may now demand booked leave through the Enterprise Leave Request Application (eLRA) on LiteBlue. Workers can use the improved eLRA by means of LiteBlue from their home PC or viable cell phone. 

This doesn't preclude a representative from physically presenting a PS Form 3971 on the off chance that they wish. When the solicitation for leave has been submitted on the web, the representative's boss will get an email warning instructing with respect to the left demand. 

1) The chief is liable for affirming or disliking the left demand as per the pertinent LMOU and the ELM. 

2) Representatives will sign the online PS Form 3971 upon their re-visitation of work. As usual, keep a duplicate.

3) Postal Service creates workers would now be able to utilize the Enterprise Leave Request Application to demand unscheduled leave. 

4) The application, otherwise called eLRA, is available through LiteBlue utilizing a PC, cell phone or another cell phone. 

5) Non-create representatives have utilized the eLRA for quite a long while. Ongoing upgrades to the framework have made it accessible to make workers. 

6) Representatives can demand unscheduled leave by signing into LiteBlue, choosing the eLRA symbol in the Employee Apps — Quick Links segment, and following the on-screen prompts to present a solicitation. 

7) This data will be safely communicated to the worker's supervisor, giving both the representative and the director a record of the solicitation. 

8) The eLRA is a more modernized and helpful option in contrast to the Interactive Voice Response framework. Since representatives outwardly collaborate with the framework, submitting demands is faster and simpler. 

9) The eLRA likewise means to lessen accommodation blunders by permitting representatives to see their solicitation prior to submitting. 

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