TSP.Gov Login – TSP Login - Thrift Savings Plan Login

TSP Login: To log in to TSP.Gov doesn't require any uncommon enrollment. What you require is a User name and Password and only TSP participants may use this site.

TSP.Gov Login Successful requirements:

1) TSP User ID is required to login into TSP.

2) TSP Login user ID is NOT your account number or social security number. It is a unique ID that you have created to log in.

tsp.gov login

3) If you don't have a TSP Login user ID, then select the Create user ID option below User ID. Then you need to log in with your TSP account number and password.

4) In case you have forgotten your user ID. Then you have to select the Recover user ID option.

5) Finally Enter the Password.

How to Reset TSP.Gov Login Password?

1) To Reset Your Password Click on the option Reset Password on the login page.

2) Then enter your user ID or account number to reset the password.

3) Then you have to choose several options to verify your account. So you can reset your password online.

4) Or else you may request the password to the email also.

Update your address if any Problems occur creating the new password

1) Staying up with the latest with us is significant. How you change your location with us relies upon whether you actually work for the government. 

2) In case you're as of now a government representative, report you're right location to your organization. We can't acknowledge address changes straightforwardly from you. 

3) In case you're functioning or a Ready Reserve individual from the Air Force, Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, you can refresh your location through the myPay site. Simply ensure that you sign in and go to the TSP segment to change your TSP address. In the event that you change it in the "Correspondence Address" segment of myPay, it won't change your TSP address. 

4) Individuals from the Coast Guard and NOAA Corps can utilize Direct Access. Select "Home and Mailing Address" under Tasks, at that point pick "TSP" starting from the drop menu close to "Address Type." 

5) In case you're not, at this point a government worker or formally dressed administration part, visit My Account: Profile Settings to change the location. Or then again while you're signed in, utilize our Change in Address for Separated Participants, Form TSP-9, and transfer your structure to My Account, or fax or mail it to us.