LiteBlue USPS Health Insurance and Benefits

LiteBlue USPS Benefits:

You must fulfill one of the following in order to enroll in the USPS Health Benefits (USPSHB) Plan. Be a City Carrier Assistant (CCA), a Mail Handler Assistant (MHA), a Postal Support Employee (PSE), a non-career rural carrier (with the exception of ARCs), or a non-bargaining non-career employee (with the exception of holiday term employees and casuals). Be a casual employee and also meet the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) definition of a full-time employee by working an average of 30 paid hours per week for a measurement.

Your Share of the Premiums Per Pay Period:

2023             CCA/RCA          MHA/PSE1          MHA/PSE2        All Other 

Self Only       $48.50                 $69.00                  $69.00                $69.00 

Self Plus One $110.25                $154.35                $110.25              $316.00 

Self and Family $156.00              $218.40               $156.00             $499.00 

1) First MHA/PSE appointment.

2) Subsequent MHA/PSE appointments per the terms of your respective bargaining unit agreement.

Eligible MHAs opting to enroll in the MHBP will receive the following negotiated premiums:

  Self Self + One       Family 

MH Value         $107.82                  $220.90         $94.66 

MH HDHP       $189.77                   $365.82         $263.39 

If your pay period earnings fall below $609, you may have an adjusted premium contribution. The Guide to USPS Health Benefits Plan's "Cost of the Plan" section contains comprehensive information.

Opportunities to Enroll or Increase Coverage 

During the following opportunities, you can enroll or increase your coverage tier:

1) The annual open season.

Opportunities to Cancel or Reduce Coverage 

If you are enrolled in the USPSHB Plan and paying your premiums on an after-tax basis, you can reduce your coverage from Self and Family to Self Plus One or Self Only, reduce your coverage from Self Plus One to Self Only, or cancel your coverage at any time. Opportunities to Cancel or Reduce Coverage Unless you filled out a form to choose pre-tax payment, you are currently paying your premiums after taxes.

During Open Season or when you have a Qualifying Life Event, you can cancel or reduce your coverage if you are enrolled and paying your premiums before taxes.

Be Prepared: Before using the PostalEASE USPS Health Benefits Plan Worksheet, read How to Use PostalEASE to Manage Your USPS Health Benefits Plan and the Guide to USPS Health Benefits Plan for details on how to stop, start, or change your enrollment in the USPS HB Plan.

Links to additional information about the plan are provided below:

1) An overview of the USPS Health Benefits Plan's benefits and coverage is provided in the Summary of Benefits and Coverage for the USPS Health Benefits Plan (SBC).

2) Read the Guide's Pre-Tax Payment of Premium Contributions section before completing the PS 3119 Application to Elect or Waive Pretax USPS Health Benefits Plan Premium if you want to choose or waive pretax treatment for your premium.

3) To show that you understand the Sufficient Earnings Requirement and the invoice procedure that is outlined in Part A of the form, complete the PS 3120 Notice to Employees Eligible to Enroll in USPS Health Benefits Plan Coverage.

4) To digitally fill out and sign your forms, download the free Adobe Reader DC app. By clicking the Save & Submit button on each form after completion, you can send the information directly to the HRSSC.

Make your Election

Utilize Liteblue PostalEASE to conduct your election. The USPS Health Benefits Plan link can be found in the PostalEASE Employee Web Main Menu under the Benefits heading once you have logged into PostalEASE. Coverage begins the pay period following your enrollment via PostalEASE or the HRSSC's receipt of your PostalEASE Worksheet outside of Open Season.

For Extra Data

For more data on the USPS, Medical advantages Plan enlistment cycle and program strategy, kindly allude to the Manual for USPS Medical advantages Plan. Please contact the H.R. Shared Service Center at 1-877-477-3273, option 5, if you have any questions regarding PostalEASE enrollment and use. TTY 1-866-260-7507. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield can be reached at 833-960-4025 if you have questions about the health insurance coverage that is being offered.

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