LiteBlue ECareer and Who Can Use eCareer?

What is eCareer

eCareer is the application workers use to make their Candidate profile and apply for an occupation online.

You can:
1) Look for positions across the nation.
2) Apply online, day in and day out from any PC with web get to.
3) View the status of your application.
4) Submit or pull back an application.

Who Can Use eCareer?

1) All professional representatives applying for EAS positions utilizing LiteBlue.
2) Postmaster Reliefs are qualified to apply and seek inside reported vocation 6-hour Postmaster opening posted inside their locale when the region of thought has been extended to professional dealing representatives.
3) Non-vocation or brief workers (PSE, easygoing, transitional) must apply for occupations posted remotely. Log out of LiteBlue, go to, at that point make or sign in to an outside (non-representative) record to apply.

Liteblue E-career

What You Need to Get Started

You will require your 8-digit Employee Identification Number (EIN) and your USPS Self-Service Password to sign into eCareer. Different interesting points are:
1) Make a Candidate Profile that mirrors your aptitudes, achievements, encounters, and instruction in connection to your past and current position targets.
2) Distinguish positions that meet your work inclinations, uncommon necessities, workplace, payor geographic area.
3) The due date for submitting applications is 11:59 p.m., Central Time, on the posting's end date.

Program and Software Compatibility: Career is perfect with Internet Explorer V6.0/v7.0.
 eCareer requires Adobe 7.0 or higher.