LiteBlue Retirement Seminars 

Workshop I is equipped with all representatives anytime in their profession. It provides a prologue to retirement and representative advantages. This workshop accentuates how representatives can take advantage of their advantages choices and retirement investment funds. Workshop II gives a review of retirement qualification, how your annuity is determined, and steps that you should be taking in anticipation of retirement. 

Class III incorporates data examined in Seminar I and II. Moreover, we will examine FEHB, FEGLI, TSP, Social Security, and Medicare. We will likewise walk you through perusing and understanding your annuity gauge and how to finish the retirement application structures.

Applying for Retirement 

1) Download the FERS or CSRS pamphlet to get familiar with your retirement benefits. 

2) Select your retirement date – most workers pick either the most recent day of the month or the main day of the next month. A date is needed to demand an annuity computation. 

3) Solicitation a retirement/annuity computation through eRetire. 

4) Enter the eRetire application to authoritatively apply for retirement, plan your advising meeting request your retirement bundle. 

5) FERS Retirement Application (usable application structure) 

6) CSRS Retirement Application (usable application structure) 

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Retirement Counseling 

Whenever you have begun the retirement cycle and gotten a retirement application pack, you are prepared for a retirement advising meeting. Your annuity gauge, the retirement application and related structures are examined in detail during directing so you ought to have your retirement application unit (blue book) and your annuity gauge accessible during the guiding meeting. 

1) The accompanying choices are accessible to you: 

2) Go to eRetire to plan a phone directing meeting with an HRSSC retirement authority. 

3) You may contact LiteBlue EAP for additional guidance and assets as you plan for retirement at their site.