LiteBlue USPS Direct Deposit and Payroll:

Direct Deposit and LiteBlue EPayroll Allotment are the most secure, quickest, and least demanding approach to store your check, Social Security, Veterans, or benefits looks into your Checking or Share Savings Account. 

With LiteBlue  Direct Deposit, your cash is accessible quickly and safely: 

1) The U. S. depository reports in excess of 1,000,000 lost or taken sent checks every year. 

2) In excess of 28 million Social Security beneficiaries utilize Direct Deposit. 

3) Stores are made reliably, when you are in the midst of a get-away, working a move, or are away on business. 

4) Direct Depositors have an account that adjusts 7% higher than other record holders. 

Electronic Funds is a quicker, more secure, more solid, and helpful approach to get your installments!  Hence, the Electronic Funds Transfer Expansion Act suggests that every single government installment, aside from your IRS discount check, be given by electronic assets move (EFT). 

It influences any individual who gets:

1) Veteran's Benefits 

2) Federal retirement aide 

3) Central government/military benefits and compensations. 

On the off chance that you are another beneficiary of government installments, you may choose to give the record data expected to convey your installments by direct store to an organization of your decision. 

Get in touch with us, stop by the Credit Union, contact your manager's finance office or visit Go Direct(opens in another window) to set up your Direct Deposit account today and never miss a solitary installment again.

To set up Payroll Allotment, and circulate your check to different records naturally, sign in to your Virtual Branch account. Then again, you can print out a Payroll Allotment Form(opens in another window) to mail or drop off at any branch area, or fax to us at (301) 856-4061. 

Direct Deposit Options for USPS LiteBlue Employees 

LiteBlue PostalEASE is a phone framework that gives an advantageous, secret, and secure approach to make your allocations or 'net direct store' decisions for USPS workers. 

With PostalEASE, you can

1) Start the exchange of all your profit (net direct store) to USPS FCU. 

2) Start the exchange of a part of your profit to a couple of money related foundations (distributions). 

3) Adjust your present designations or net direct store to USPS FCU.

You'll require:

1) Your Social Security Number 

2) Your USPS Personal Identification Number 

3) Steering Number for USPS FCU (254075441) 

4) Your USPS FCU account number (Example: 123456(0)). The default steering for computerized stores is to your investment account, which is postfix 0. 

To finish the cycle

1) Call PostalEASE complementary at 1-877-4PS-EASE (1-877-477-3273).

2) When provoked, select PostalEASE.

3) Enter your SSN and your USPS PIN.

4) Follow the content and prompts to finish the exchange.

After you complete your entrances, you will hear and ought to record the accompanying: Confirmation number, handled date, and the date that these progressions will produce results (a future payday). It is suggested that you keep this data. Should you experience any difficulty utilizing PostalEASE, or in the event that you can't utilize the phone for any clinical explanation, you may sign in to LiteBlue and play out your solicitations on the web or you may contact your neighborhood workforce office for help. Your faculty office can likewise give you explicit data concerning your USPS PIN, a duplicate of the USPS Privacy Act Statement and more data about the PostalEASE administration.

Or then again: Snap-on the liteblue logo to set up your designation/direct store to USPS FCU on the web. 

Direct Deposit Set-Up Information for Non-USPS Employees:

You will require the accompanying data when you set up your Direct Deposit with your HR/finance division: 

1) Steering number: 254075441.

2) Your fundamental record number (Example: 123456(0).

3) The default directing for robotized stores is to your investment account, which is postfix 0. 

4) Record type: Checking or Savings 

Take a gander at the Advantages of USPS LiteBlue Direct Deposit and Payroll Allotment: 

1) Simple admittance to your assets. 

2) No store or check liquidating trips. 

3) Never stand by in line again. 

4) Never stress over a lost, taken, or check deferred. 

5) Spare consequently. 

6) Helpfully make advance installments.

7) Procure serious profits 

8) Designate assets to your investment funds, club, and financial records.

9) Assets are governmentally safeguarded by NCUA up to $250,000.

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