Liteblue PostalEase and Services.

What is Liteblue PostalEASE?

The PostalEASE by USPS is a telephone service that allows its employees to make all the postal related transactions. It is a part of the LiteBlue Portal where you can gain access to the allotments liquidated services. This facility allows you to enroll as well as amend your present allotments. You can also make online payments to various plans via this portal. Along with this, you can also view, edit or reject your enrollment in the FEHB program directly more about PostalEASE see: You can connect to PostalEASE services at 1-877-477-3273.
PostalEase LiteBlue

What is Liteblue FEHB?

Liteblue Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) is a one-stop destination for its employees to manage their family’s health care needs. They get the option to avail of the best options amongst a wide variety of plans available in the country. Once you have enrolled, you get an opportunity every year to make changes to the plans. Any qualifying event( Change in Employment, Change in Family, etc.) also allows you to make changes to your plans.

About Liteblue ePayroll:

Liteblue ePayroll allows its employees to view their salary structure, current employee benefits, and also the retirement benefits on the go. You also get access to e-Travel and net to bank allotments via this facility. They also get access to their earning statements for the last 40 pay periods. It is a 24*7 facility that has helped the cause of GO GREEN and allowed USPS to work efficiently without harming the environment.

Liteblue USPS Gov Human Resource:

Like in any other organization, Liteblue USPS Government Human Resource Department works exclusively for the betterment of its employees. It informs them about the various plans that they are eligible to enroll in and also about any other benefits that they can avail. It also imparts training regularly to make the employees more efficient. In case of any job-related queries, you can contact them to resolve them.

Contact Liteblue:

  • You can contact the USPS Human Resource Department at 877-477-3273.
  • You can also visit in case the query is related to the TSP (Thrift Savings Plan)..