Change Your Address and Contact Information:

You can change your Residence Address, Mailing Address, and Emergency Contact data from a Personnel Computer Kiosk, or on the Intranet, Blue, or LiteBlue. To change your data online adhere to the guidelines underneath. 

Change Your Information Using LiteBlue 

1) Go to the LiteBlue landing page.

2) Enter your Employee Identification Number (EIN) and USPS PIN. 

3) Snap Log On. 

4) From the LiteBlue landing page, in the Employee Apps - Quick Links merry go round, select Change of Address. 

5) At the point when the application opens click Edit. 

6) Change any essential data (home and postage information, crisis contact) or add a contact.

7) If it's not too much trouble hold fast to the 28 character limit when entering your location. 

8) No extraordinary characters are permitted (i.e.#,/, periods, commas, and so on). 

9) Kindly use USPS Approved Address Abbreviations. A guide is accessible at 

10) Snap Review.

11) Snap Save.

12) In the wake of saving the update, it would be ideal if you survey your progressions as you won't get an affirmation number. 

Extra charges will be required in the event that you have medical advantages, dental or vision protection, an adaptable spending account, or a uniform stipend. 

In the event that you have medical advantage inclusion through FEHB or USPS HB 

Contact your nearby transporter to make the location change. You can likewise roll out an improvement of address by presenting a case structure to your wellbeing plan supplier. 

In the event that the wellbeing transporter will not refresh the location, compose a letter to HRSSC enumerating: 

1) The date and time you reached your wellbeing transporter. 

2) The telephone number called. 

3) The new postage information.

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